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How much happy mail do you send in a typical month? I send happy mail every week, and of course some weeks are busier than others. Other than the busy holiday season -which is a whole other thing!- I send about 20 cards a month. Most of them are birthday cards, but there are also anniversaries, get well, sympathy, congratulations, thank you, thinking of you, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day … so many reasons to reach out and send a smile and a “paper hug” to someone you care about!

Which reminds me …. are you on my birthday card list? Make sure you join it here so I can send you happy mail on your special day!

If the idea of sending happy mail fills you with stress or guilt, read on. Those negative emotions are beside the point! Here’s my philosophy: I love making the cards. I love sending the cards. I love imagining the receiver opening the card, and smiling, and feeling valued and loved. I decided a long time ago that people don’t need to ‘earn’ a spot on my card list, and no one is ever obligated to send me a card in return. What matters to me is the fact that a couple of times a year, I get to bring joy to the people I care about. That’s one of my favourite things!

What do you think – do you send cards for the joy of it, or does it feel unfair when you don’t get (m)any back?

Since it’s the last week of the month, I’m working on getting next month’s happy mail all set to go! It’s way easier to get them all done at once than to try and remember to get them done bit by bit. Want to know how I do it? You can find all the details in my step-by-step guide, How to Always Send Your Birthday Cards on Time! It’s absolutely free and it includes TWO downloadable templates to help you along the way!

Comment below and show me a photo of some happy mail you’re sending this month!

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