Trimmer Tune-Up Tips

Stampin’ Up! has announced two huge product line changes that are taking effect with the new catalogue. Both the Stampin’ Trimmer and the Big Shot are being discontinued. New and no doubt more amazing and innovative products are being developed to replace them, but these products will not be ready in time for the annual catalogue launch on June 4th. I feel positive and excited about these changes; over the past two years I’ve seen Stampin’ Up! launch so many innovative products (stackable inkpads, Stamparatus, Take Your Pick, watercolour pencils and Blends, and most recently the storage system) that I have every faith the new products will be wonderful in ways I can’t even yet predict. I also understand that it’s easy to feel fear and worry about this announcement – after all, change is hard, and it’s extra challenging when we don’t know what the new products will be or when they’ll be available. Nevertheless, I want to encourage you to keep calm and stamp on!

Here are some tips about how to take good care of your Trimmer while we wait for the new product to be available, and to get the most use possible out of your blades.

One tip that I hope you are all doing already is to make sure you are getting equal wear on each side of your trimmer blade, turn your trimmer upside down and use it that way just as much as you use it ‘right side up’.

For a full trimmer tune up, find yourself the following items: WD40, Qtips, an old toothbrush, and a rag.

Then take your trimmer entirely apart, including removing the track underneath the blade, and the ruler that the blade slides within.


    Spray WD-40 on the rag and use it to wipe down the entire surface of your trimmer, getting rid of any sticky residue.
Wet one corner of the rag and run it along the inside of the track that sits underneath the cutting blade. I found it easier to move the track along while keeping the rag still. Do this 2-3 times; and the track has two sides, so flip it upside down and repeat 2-3 times on the underside too.
Use the toothbrush (preferably a good stiff one) to clean out the grooves on the ruler. Make sure you do the underside as well. If there are any spots the toothbrush can’t reach, use the Q-tips.

Then put your trimmer back together and cut some cardstock. You should notice a significant difference in how well it cuts, and how easily the blade moves!


When your blade starts to leave a rough edge on your cardstock, give it a bit of extra life by using a nail file to sharpen it. Use a nail file that has a rougher edge and a smoother edge; start with the rougher edge and run it just 2-3 times across the side of the blade (not the tip). Repeat for the other side of the blade. Then use the smoother edge on each side.

You can save and print this tutorial in PDF form by clicking here.

I hope these tips are helpful to you. Happy Stampin’!


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