Colour Refresh 2023

This year, Stampin’ Up! has introduced four brand new Core Colours, and they have also brought back seven colours that had previously been In Colors and are now part of our Core Colour collection.

If you feel overwhelmed with all this change, don’t worry! Stampin’ Up! has made it easy for you to get a taste of the new products, and I have some options for you too! First off, Stampin’ Up! will be offering three products that will allow you to get your hands on the new colours without any second-guessing: a markers collection, a cardstock collection, and an inkpad collection (bonus: the inkpad collection includes a 10% discount compared to ordering individually!).

I have some options for you as well. My teammate Arvon is once again offering Colour Swatch Sets, which will help you get to know the new colours and figure out how they co-ordinate with the rest of the collection. I love using my swatches to determine what colours to use for my projects! This is a great way to dip your toe into the new colours without spending a lot of money – you’ll be able to see the colours close up for yourself, and decide which ones you really love!

I’ll also be offering two Colour Clubs this year! The first club is our usual In Color Club, where we focus on one colour a month for five months. You can learn more and sign up right here.

The second club will be the Colour Refresh Club. Because there are 11 new colours, this club will feature two colours per month so that we’ll be finished in six months. And as always, there will be a gift from me at the end of the club! (Note that the Colour Refresh Club does not include the new In Colors, but there is an option to participate in both clubs for a discount!)

Get all the info on the Colour Refresh Club right here!

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