UPDATE on Fun-Raiser to Benefit Healthcare Workers

On October 21 I told you all about the Fun-Raiser I am working on to thank our hardworking healthcare heroes. The project ends in just a few days, and I want to update you on the progress!

With just a few days left to go, we have raised enough money for 24 kits. Here are the generous donors who have contributed to the project:

Thanks to these wonderful people, 24 healthcare workers will get to enjoy a couple hours of fun, relaxation, joy, and creativity – an escape from the stress and frustration of their busy work life. They will receive a fully inclusive and easy-to-make crafting kit that will allow them to not only enjoy a fun crafting experience, but will also leave them with a collection of beautiful handmade cards for them, in turn, to pass on to friends and family members.

And here’s the plot twist! The info about these kits was sent out to health care workers all over the island, and they are SUPER excited!! How excited, you might ask? Here are some of the emails I received from them:

“What a great opportunity to carve out some time for ourselves to let our minds wander creatively. Thank you so much for facilitating this!”

“It sounds like a great way to unwind after a busy day.”

“We have a lot of folks who love to make things but are likely too weary to organize much and they would really love these as a morale boost.”

I received over 70 requests in 24 hours. I’m overjoyed to know that these hardworking heroes are so excited about the crafting kits – this project is on the right track, and I really don’t want to say no to any of them! I’m really hoping we can rise to the challenge and meet the original goal of being able to donate 100 kits.

Are you able to help? It’s almost gift-giving season … is there someone on your list who doesn’t really need a gift? Maybe you could consider donating to this project in their name. Please send your e-transfer to lauralyzer@gmail.com by Sunday, November 14th.

I’d also love it if you could share the word to others, via email, social media, or old-fashioned word of mouth. In these last few days of the project, it’s crucial that we get the message out to people who haven’t heard it yet!

And finally, if you know of any local businesses who might be interested in sponsoring five, ten, or even more kits – please let me know. I’m determined to make this project succeed, but I can’t do it alone!

Thanks for your support of our amazing health care workers, who have sacrificed so much in the past two years!

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