Fun-Raiser to Benefit Health Care Workers

Some of you might remember my 100 Cards Challenge last summer where I gave all my profits to the Nanaimo FoodShare Society. In that same vein, I’m thrilled to announce my upcoming Fun-Raiser to thank those who definitely need some fun in their lives: our hardworking health care workers.

Here’s how it works: I am looking for people to sponsor a gift for a healthcare worker in our community, at a cost of $30 each. These gifts are meant to offer an hour or so of fun, relaxation, joy, and creativity – an escape from the stress and sadness of their busy work life. They will receive a fully inclusive and easy-to-make crafting kit that will allow them to not only enjoy a fun crafting experience, but will also leave them with a collection of beautiful handmade cards for them, in turn, to pass on to friends and family members.

As shown in the sample photo below, these kits really do include everything needed, right down to instructions, but I will also be hosting a FREE Zoom crafting session so that if they choose, the recipients can get together and socialize while we assemble the cards.

(Sample kit shown)

Your donation of $30 covers the kit and a portion of the taxes; I’ll be covering the remainder of the taxes, and the shipping costs. The profits I make from this fun-raiser will all be donated back to the project so I can buy more kits. All donating sponsors will be acknowledged on the kit(s) they donate, and on my website. I am working with a co-ordinator at the Nanaimo Regional General Hospital to distribute the kits to our heroic healthcare workers when they arrive. If you have contact with any other health care facilities who might like to be part of this project, please get in touch!

My goal is to donate 100 kits by November 14th. If you’d like to donate, all you need to do is send an e-transfer of $30 to Also, I’d love for you to spread the word far and wide by sharing this link with your contacts.

Thanks for your support of our amazing health care workers, who have sacrificed so much in the past two years!

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