Annual Catalogue Retirement List

Have you checked out the Annual Catalogue Retirement List? Saying goodbye to favourite items is always hard, but getting them at 10-60% discount is sure to cheer you up. 😁  And don’t forget, if you order before April 5th I will send you a FREE tutorial bundle packed with Easter- and Spring-themed projects! 🐰🐣

I thought it would be fun to show you some of the cards I’ve made in the past with products that are retiring this month. All of these products are while supplies last, so if any of them are on your must-have list, do not wait! Order now via my online store!

All About Bundles …

As we look at the retiring list, it’s important to understand the difference between bundles that are fully retiring and bundles that are semi-retiring.

For example, the Beautiful World bundle (page 174, 2020 Annual Catalogue) is fully retiring. Neither the stamps nor the dies are carrying over to the new annual catalogue – both of these products will be gone for good on May 4th (or earlier if stock runs out before then). So if they’re on your wish list – don’t wait!

Here are some other bundles that are fully retiring:

In contrast, the Forever Fern bundle (page 174) is semi-retiring. Both the stamps and the dies ARE carrying over to the new annual catalogue, BUT the opportunity to save 10% when you buy these two products together will no longer be available after May 4th. If these items are on your wish list, make sure you buy them NOW before that 10% discount is gone!

Here are some other bundles that are semi-retiring:

There are a handful of bundles where one item is retiring, and the other is continuing. Here are some examples:

Finally, there is just one bundle that is carrying over from one annual catalogue to the next. The Blossoms in Bloom bundle (page 174) will still be offered at a discount bundle price in the new annual catalogue.

What about the Spring Mini? See the retirement list for the Spring Mini Catalogue here. Remember, we still have a few more months until that catalogue retires on June 30th! 😅

There were definitely some surprises on the retirement list this time around. Below are some items I consider basics and/or must-haves. If you don’t already have these in your craft room, you should consider making an order ASAP, before they sell out!


Here are some more items I was really surprised to find on the retirement list!

If you really want to make the most of these discounted items, join my team! By joining today you will have INSTANT ACCESS to the upcoming annual catalogue and be ready to launch it to your customers next month. 🤩 You’ll get a 20% discount on ALL your Stampin’ Up! orders, and yes that’s IN ADDITION to the discounts already applied to retiring items. It’s a win-win! Learn more about the opportunity here, and if you still have questions, let’s chat!

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