Blending Brush Tips!

The new Blending Brushes are a big hit! They are so fun and easy to use, great for adding custom colour to a project. Here are some tips from demonstrators about how best to use them!

How many should I have?

  • Keep one separate for burnishing gilding flakes.
  • Keep them clean and use different one for light colors and dark colors.
  • Some demos choose to have one brush for each main colour, e.g. one for red, one for yellow, one for green … but see below tips about cleaning before you decide how many you need. If you can easily clean them at your desk, you can get by with fewer brushes!

How to clean them?

  • After each use I wipe the brush thoroughly on a microfiber cloth and then test on white scrap paper. No colour should be remaining so you can go onto a new colour. A hint is to work from light to dark colours. Sometimes I will wipe the brush on the shammy and then the microfiber cloth. And, every so often I will wash the bristles with a little stamp cleaner/soap, rinse well, wipe off on the microfiber cloth and let dry overnight. Following these methods has worked every time for me and I have not had any problem with one colour bleeding out onto another.
  • I have actually wiped them off on my Simply Shammy – works well.
  • Before using one on a different color be sure to ‘clean off’ the brush by brushing in all directions on a piece of paper.
  • Make sure you are done with your brushes for the day before washing them (if you choose to do so). They take awhile to dry, and will not properly work if damp.
  • If you use water to clean your brushes, lay them brush side down on a paper towel to dry. Any excess ink (that you missed while cleaning) will absorb into the towel. I was using similar brushes before these came out and this is how I’ve been cleaning them. Keeps the brushes soft, too.

How to use them?

  • After inking, tap extra Ink off on a clear block before blending. If I’m blending in from the paper edge, I put my cardstock on a non porous surface.
  • I always remove a little ink on grid paper before putting on my paper. Use a light touch.
  • Start blending off the page.
  • Use a nonporous surface to remove the ink, then you can always reink the blending brush using that ink. I’ve used our silicon mat and also the grid mat from the Stamparatus.
  • Pick up the ink in a circular motion and blend on card stock in the same direction. Meaning if you pick up the ink off the pad in a counterclockwise motion apply to the card stock in the same counterclockwise direction.
  • Use a piece of window sheet instead of paper under project. After inking dab on window sheet. Then blend onto project in circles. Can go back to dab and pick up ink. If you use paper, the ink is wasted.
  • I have been working on a glass mat. Work off your paper in a circular motion towards your card. You could probably use the backside of one of your Stamparatus acrylic flaps.
  • If you are working with a gradient type of coloring or even an ombré type—like balmy blue, misty moonlight then night of navy, work from light to dark. Then once you’ve done those colors, go back and blend over them slightly working from dark to light so the color almost melts into the next. You’ll avoid harsh lines this way.
  • Use post it note paper to get defined silhouettes.
  • Start off the paper and gradually build the colour.
  • You can use them with more than our ink pads. Use them with shimmer paint, wink of stella – just rinse right after use.
  • Use on paper towel then use on card stock to create a softened background you can build stamped layers on.


Here are links to two videos where I have demonstrated the Blending Brushes: Dragonfly Garden and Can ANY Colour be a Christmas Colour?

If you have more questions about the Blending Brushes, put them in the comments! If you’re ready to buy, contact me today to place your order, or shop 24/7 at my online store.  Happy Stampin’!

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