The New and Improved Trimmer is HERE!

Just in time for the holiday crafting season, Stampin’ Up!’s brand new, redesigned trimmer is now available! Here are all the facts you need to know about this terrific new tool.

Price: $34 compared to previous trimmer at $41

Blades: badass and ready for business. Look how much smaller the old blades (left) are, compared to the new ones! Your new trimmer includes a scoring blade and a cutting blade, and each has a point on the handle for precise measurements (no more guessing where the blade is within the handle!).

Size: 15-3/8 x 8″; a little larger than the previous trimmer, and much more sleek in design.

Shape: Rectangular, for easy and convenient storage. There’s even a hanging hook!

Measurements: The main body of the trimmer, and the fold-out arm, include both metric and imperial measurements. The ruler guide includes only imperial measurements. Notice that the fold-out arm has no ‘gap’ in measurements, as the previous trimmer did!

If you’re used to the old trimmer, you may notice that this one has some lovely improvements: a larger base plate, longer extension, more space to the right of the ruler guide for cutting smaller strips (and a better rail for keeping the paper straight while doing so).

While it was certainly challenging to be without a trimmer in our product line for the past several months, I am grateful that Stampin’ Up! took all the time they needed to be sure that the replacement product would be as high-quality as possible. Demonstrators are describing the new trimmer as “sturdy, yet lightweight,” “well-made and stable”, and “worth waiting for”! Now you can order your own, via my online store or by contacting me. I just know you’re going to love it!

Happy Stampin’!
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