All About Cling Stamps

After receiving an inquiry from a customer about how to remove cling stamps from blocks after having been left on for a week, I did some investigating in the Demonstrators’ Facebook group. My post received hundreds of comments from helpful demonstrators with all kinds of advice! The summary is below; most of these tips were repeated dozens of times!

Before Using Stamps …. Some tips to de-stickify
“I always place a little piece of the nonstick paper from the glue dots on the corner of the stamp.”
“I put a little piece of washi tape under one corner of the cling so that it is easier to remove them from the blocks.”
“I put a small piece of scotch tape on one end. Stamps come off easy peasy!”
“I always press a corner of my cling stamp on my embossing buddy. That part will be less sticky than the rest of the stamp and it makes the image easier to come off of the block. If a stamp gets left on the block, this area is always easy to lift.”
“Use a piece of sticky tape doubled over to make a tab to lift the stamp off the block.”

“I save a bit of the backing and use it as a pull tab by putting it between the stamp and the block. Works for me.”
“When I put the sticker on the stamp, I press it onto my clothing a few times to destickify it.”
“I place a small piece of cellophane tape in the corner of the stamp. This way there is always a free edge to grab to remove the stamp from the block.”
“Use washi tape to create a pull tab.”
“De-stick by placing them on the back of your hand before putting them on the block, especially if it’s the first time using them.”

When Using Stamps …. Put Away After Each Use
“Cling stamps need to be removed once stamping is completed, and never left on the blocks overnight.”

When Removing Stamps:
“You need to use a bit more caution when removing them; make sure you have a hold on all three layers before lifting.”
“Use spatula or paper piercer – be gentle and slow – break the seal.”
“It is important to stress that they get under the label when removing stamps. The take your pick tool is a great help to those without nails.”
“Make sure to peel up under the sticker and don’t pull on the rubber or foam. The spatula end of the take your pick tool works wonders!”
“You must be careful when removing them to prevent damage to the foam. I used a paper piercing tool to slide between the block and the cling stamp to help it release and then you can lift it off without damage.”
“To ‘break the seal’ between the stamp and the block, gently insert your piercing tool under a corner of the stamp and then gently pull the stamp off. Works like a charm!”
“The trick is to make sure you’re getting the label to come up with the foam and rubber when taking the stamp off the block. I peel the stamp off starting at a corner and have not (knock on wood) had a problem.”

If Your Stamps Get Stuck:
Suppose life gets in the way and you just didn’t manage to get your stamps off the blocks in a reasonable timeframe. What now?

“Sometimes a warm rag is needed to remove them from blocks or Stamparatus.”
“I left some on the block for a month, then found them in a box. I applied a wet rag for a few minutes, maybe 30.”
“I was able to slide a credit card under it.”
“One of my customers had a mishap with getting the sticker on the back of the large magnolia stamp. I suggested putting it in the microwave in 5 second increments until the adhesive was softened, then slowly and carefully (very carefully) peel the sticker off of the foam. It worked!! And she was able to reapply the sticker! I wonder if that would help when a stamp is left on a block too.” (NOTE: Be VERY careful with this approach!)

Keep in Mind:

  • Cling stamps need to be removed once stamping is completed, and never left on the blocks overnight.
  • Sometimes the stamp is clingiest the first time it is used. After that they come off fairly easily.
  • You need to use caution when removing them; make sure you have a hold on all three layers before lifting.

If you haven’t already watched it (or if you need a refresher), please check out the Stampin’ Up! video about Cling Stamps! We’ll be using lots of cling stamps at our Fall workshops, so it’s important that you comfortable using them properly! Click the image below to watch the video.

I hope this post has made you feel more comfortable about using your cling stamps! Let me know if you have any questions that aren’t covered here!

Happy Stampin’!

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