Craft Fair Wrap-Up

Why did I sign up to do two craft fairs this month? I have no idea.

That’s how I roll sometimes, though! (Note: Sometimes = All the Time. As my long-suffering husband would tell you.)

I decided to up the difficulty level on this particular project by not ordering any additional Stampin’ Up! tools or supplies prior to the event. I could only use what I had on hand, as well as buying supplementary items that I could get locally (e.g., chapsticks for my chapstick holders).

Me at Vendor Splendor fair, November 3rd.

Here are the items I had for sale at the two fairs I attended – in addition to good old-fashioned greeting cards, which I was selling by the singles and in an acetate box as a five-pack.

Most of these projects were new for me, so I had lots of fun learning how to make them, and discovering along the way which ones were worth the time and effort, and which ones weren’t. Given more time (and more varied supplies), there is certainly no shortage of charming gift projects to make, and I found plenty of inspiration on the Craft Fairs, Stampin’ Style Facebook group.

I went for variety of products rather than huge quantity in any one product, which meant I sold out of a few things, including the beautiful candle cards below. On the second day of the two-day event, I had people coming back to my booth to ask about the candle cards they’d seen the previous day…. but they were all gone!

Front of candle card
Inside of candle card

I also sold out of the star photo albums I made several years ago, the last time I was doing craft fairs. Last time I offered these, they were not a hot item. I got them out of the box they were stored in, figuring I might as well give it a shot … and by noon on the second day, I had none left. You never know!

Surprise, surprise …. after making all those gift items, the biggest sellers were CARDS! I sold over 85 cards, in singles, trios, and 5-packs (which I packaged in clear acetate boxes).

Which of these projects would you like to make? Comment below, and I’ll share a tutorial in the coming weeks!

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