Tutorial: Post-it Note Holder

I made this beautiful post-it note holder as a hostess gift last month, using the Tranquil Textures suite. I just can’t get enough of the colours in this suite, especially Tranquil Tide and Fresh Fig – and that adorable octopus, so detailed!

2018-06-09 08.27.21-1

The holder is just the right size for a mini-pencil or pen (I bought a pack of eighteen at the dollar store for $4) and a pack of 3 x 3″ post-it notes.

This time, I used the Share What You Love suite to make my project. Which do you like better?

This project takes one piece of 8 ½ x 11” cardstock, cut into three pieces as follows: the easel piece, the front piece, and the pen pocket piece. I’ll walk you through each of the steps.

Easel piece: 11 x 3.75”
Score at 0.5, 4.75, 9, and 10”

Burnish all your score lines and fold. Here’s the view from above – apply tear and tape as shown.

Remove the backing from your tear and tape, and attach – voilà, an easel!

Front piece: 4.25 x 7.25”

Score at 4.25 and 4.75”; Rotate and score along long edges, 0.5” from each side


Cut two pieces of DSP: 3 x 2.25” & 3 x 4”. Attach larger piece as shown:

Cut in on your side score lines as shown above and “notch in” on the little tabs. Then add two pieces of tear and tape to the bottom two flaps.

Flip your front piece over and apply two glue dots to the tiny side flaps as shown above.

Flip your front piece over again, and fold the bottom piece up as shown above. Add the other piece of DSP.

To turn your front piece into a box, slide the small tabs inside the long tabs of your box and attach with the glue dots. If you look closely at the photo below, you’ll see what I mean!


Then apply tear and tape to the inside of the bottom flaps as shown above. Finally, cut off the extra cardstock on the top. In the photo below, I have cut off the piece on the right, but not yet the piece on the left.


Now for the third piece: the pen pocket piece.
Cardstock: 3 x 4.25”

Score along short edge at 0.5, 1, 1.5, and 2”

You’ll also score along the long edge at 0.5” from the edge. Which side you do this on will depend on whether you want your pen pocket to be on the right or the left of your post-it notes; are you making it for a righty or a lefty?

Attach one piece of tear and tape at the end of your pen pocket, and “notch in” the small tabs as shown below.

Fold up your pen pocket and attach with the tear and tape. For the small flaps, put a glue dot on the inside of what will be the front flap. This will give you a clean, smooth edge on the front of your piece.

You’ll also need 2 pieces of DSP cut to 2.25 x 3/8”. Attach these to the front and side of your pen pocket.

Now your individual pieces are complete – you’re ready to assemble your project!

Use Tombow glue or snail adhesive on the back of your pen pocket, and the inner side of the pocket which will slide alongside the post-it note holder.

At this stage, it’s useful to have the pad of post-it notes in your holder, to give it some support as you’re pressing the pieces together.

Then, apply tear and tape on the back of these two pieces so you can attach it to your easel.

The project looks pretty cute now! …


… but you can dress it up even more if you like with stamps, ribbon, embellishments, etc.

And here’s a side view of how it looks on the easel:

What kind of hostess gifts have you made, or received? Share them in the comments below! I love to see your creations!

Thanks for stopping by, and Happy Stampin’!


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