Four-Step Stamp Cleaning

Yes you read that right – cleaning your stamps has FOUR steps! But wait – the Stampin’ Scrub only has two sides. How can there be four steps? Because for the first and last step, you need scrap paper. Stampin’ Up! has terrifically useful grid paper for sale, but you can also use just any old scrap paper you find lying around. I like to use paper destined for the recycling bin at my work.

Any time you finish with a stamp, before you reach for your Stampin’ Scrub, you need to stamp off on your scrap paper multiple times to remove any excess ink. By the time you finish a project, your scrap paper should look like this:

Next, scrub your stamp on the wet side of the Stampin’ Scrub, and then the dry side. I like to colour over the wet and dry symbols with nail polish to make it easier to tell which side is which – I always use the same “colour coding”, blue for wet and pink for dry.

Finally, return to your scrap paper and stamp off again. This step often gets missed, but it’s really important! Your stamp will pick up inky residue from the Stampin’ Scrub, and this grubby substance can easily damage the next inkpad you use, or transfer to the project you’re creating. Yuck!

See the “Live it with Zest” sentiment and the circular lemons stamped on the lower right corner of the image above? Those images are all stamped directly following a scrub on the Stampin’ Scrub – that is, there was no ink on the stamp other than what the stamp picked up from the Scrub. Stamp off repeatedly onto your scrap paper until the stamp is truly clean and doesn’t stamp an image.

I also clean out my Stampin’ Scrubs about once a month. They get a lot of use when I’m hosting classes, so your Scrub might not need to be cleaned quite that often! I’ve started keeping track of the “last clean date” by writing it on a piece of painter’s tape on the outside of the Scrub.

I hope that tip is helpful to you! Happy Stampin’!

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