Tutorial: Diagonal Pull-Out Card

I promised last week that I would share a new fancy fold tutorial here! I got to share this fun fold at my team meeting several weeks ago. Hope you enjoy it!

(Note: If you prefer video tutorials, click here! If you prefer written tutorials, read on!)

Diagonal Pull-Out Card Tutorial

Card base 9 x 3”
Cardstock 2.25” square
White cardstock 2” square
Plus another white cardstock piece 2.75″ square, for the inside of your card.
DSP 2.75” square; cut in half along the diagonal
About 20” of ribbon

Score the card base at 3″ & 6”. Now your cardstock has three square sections.
Score the first and third squares diagonally as shown in the photo.

Make both diagonal folds “mountain” folds.

Fold up the card and decorate with the two DSP triangles.

Loop the ribbon around the card on the left side, so the ends come out on the right side. Make sure the ends are even.

Add the 2.25″ piece of cardstock, and attach it only to the piece that fits on the left side of the card. Tie ribbon to keep card closed.

Stamp your white square as desired and attach.

Happy Stamping!

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