Intricate Dies

If you love using intricate dies, like I do, you’ve probably struggled with how to attach them to your project without making a mess. I just learned this tip and it is so much easier than other methods I’ve tried! Hope you like it too – it is bound to come in handy for your Christmas crafting!

Start by putting Tear and Tape adhesive on the back of your cardstock.









Then place your die so it lines up with the tape, on the front side of the cardstock.

After you run the cardstock through the machine, you’ll have a cut-out that already has tape attached to it!







Remove the cardstock from the die, and peel off the paper from the tape to reveal the adhesive.








Attach to your project. Ta-da!

Happy Stamping!

Send More Cards! (Part Two of Two)

Many of us love to make cards, but may not give or send many of them. I find that giving my cards away only increases the joy – the recipient knows how special it is to receive a handmade card, and is so happy to be remembered and honoured in this way. Then, seeing their joy and appreciation makes me even happier! Sending cards is a great way to share your kindness with others. There are two things I do to ensure that I send out lots of joy in the mail each month – I shared one with you last month, and here is the other.

A few months ago, I joined a Facebook group called the Random Act of Kindness Card Group, which has members from all over the world. Every month, the group hosts a virtual event, and members can choose whether or not to sign up. If you do sign up, you agree to send a handmade card to at least one of the other event attendees. Cards must use current Stampin’ Up! products and use the “encouragement” or “thinking of you” theme.

There are so many fun aspects to this group. When people receive cards, they post them in the group for all to see, so it’s a great source of inspiration and creativity. I love receiving cards from a long way away (the first card I got came from Germany, and used a stamp that said “liebe” instead of “love”, which I thought was so cool!), or cards that use sets I don’t have. Some people include a personal note sharing a bit about themselves, while others just write a quick note; some people don’t write in the cards at all, so you could reuse them if you wanted to. Of course, it’s wonderful when someone receives your card and posts it in the group, and then others comment on your creation!

The photo above shows just some of the RAK cards I’ve received since joining the group. It really is Random, as the group title says; there is no tracking of who’s received a card each month or how many cards each person has sent, so sometimes I get one card, sometimes more than one, and probably some months I won’t get any – just luck of the draw. If you look carefully at the cards above, you’ll see that two of them are quite familiar – that’s because I CASE’d the designs to use in my September class! You can read all about the power of CASEing by following this link!

Sending RAK cards to people all over the world has encouraged me to remember how special this hobby of ours can make people feel. And receiving them has boosted my creativity and made ME feel special, too! If you’d like to join the fun, just click here and join the group!

I hope you will start sending more cards, whether through the RAK group or some other way!

Online Extravaganza starts Monday!

Happy Friday! I hope your plans for the weekend include some crafting time, and perhaps some time to browse through the amazing deals Stampin’ Up! is offering for this year’s Online Extravaganza.

The fun starts on Monday, November 20th, with a 24-hour flash sale on select stamp sets.

Then throughout the week, enjoy discounts of up to 50% on a whole collection of products.

Click anywhere on the images above to download the full list in PDF format! Then visit my online store to place your order.

Crafting for a Cause: Move with Meaning

My friend and coach Gillian is the creator and organizer of an amazing local event, Move with Meaning. It got its start last year, when 50 women attended a four-hour, six-instructor fitness challenge and raised just shy of $10,000 for Haven Society, a non-profit society that provides shelter services to women and families in unsafe home situations. This year, we had 100 women participating, and we raised nearly $22,000 for Haven!

In addition to participating in the fitness event, I made 100 Body Positivity cards for the participants’ swag bags. I hope these cards will remind everyone that ALL bodies are beautiful, and that body confidence and self-love are not size-specific!

Have you ever wondered what a stack of 100 handmade cards looks like? I have. Wonder no more:    Here’s a photo of the amazing group of women who spent the day working out together in support of Haven Society:

And a sweaty selfie of yours truly, partway through the day!
I’m so glad I got to participate in this, and that I got to use my creative skills to honour all the participants!