What’s in Your Craft Kit?

“All supplies provided.”

This simple phrase is included on most of my craft workshop descriptions. It’s not untrue, and crafters can take it at face value, however there is an unwritten addendum that should appear underneath:

“All supplies provided.”*

*Bringing your own basic supplies means less time waiting for others to finish with an item you need, and more time crafting projects you’re happy with!

So what kind of supplies could you bring along to a craft workshop to make your time there more productive and enjoyable?

  1. Your chosen adhesive. Whether it’s Stampin’ Up!’s Snail or Fast Fuse, dollar store tape runner, a glue stick, or some other tool, everyone needs adhesive for every project. That adds up to long wait times in big groups, so bring your own and get back to crafting!

2. Clear blocks. Like adhesive, blocks are an in-demand item that will be used by every crafter for every card. You won’t believe how much faster you can craft when you have your own blocks to use. Line the edges of your blocks with washi tape so you can identify them!

3. Scissors. You won’t need scissors every time, but when you need them, you need them! You might want to cut a length of ribbon, trim some paper or cardstock, or reshape a punched image – scissors are handy to have around.

4. Bone Folder. I generally pre-fold cardstock when needed, but that fold line might need to be crisper. Or you might need to round some flower petals, or add another score line. Bone folder to the rescue!

5. Blender Pen(s). We’ve all been there – assembled a card, added all the embellishments, and stamped the final image only to experience a dreaded mis-stamp. Blender pens can help! Use them like a paintbrush: dip one of the pre-soaked brush tips in your chosen inkpad to pick up colour, then ‘paint’ as needed. To clean, simply colour on your scrap paper until the pen is no longer inking. (Blender pens are amazing for colouring as well, but by far the #1 use in my craft studio is filling in mis-stamped words and images!)6. Carrying Pouch. You’ll need a way to safely carry all your beautiful projects home. Soft pencil cases are my favourite for this purpose!Did I miss any of your favourite tools from my list? Leave a comment and let me know!

Happy Stamping!


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