Send More Cards! (Part One of Two)

Many of us love to make cards, but may not give or send many of them. I find that giving my cards away only increases the joy – the recipient knows how special it is to receive a handmade card, and is so happy to be remembered and honoured in this way. Then, seeing their joy and appreciation makes me even happier! Sending cards is a great way to share your kindness with others. There are two things I do to ensure that I send out lots of joy in the mail each month – I’ll share one with you this month, and one next month.

My birthday list is neither pretty nor crafty, but it is practical. I’ve gathered people’s birthdays from Facebook, family calendars, and – when all else fails – just outright asking if I can add them to my birthday list! Everyone is grouped into their birthday month, and listed in date order.

On the last week of every month, I look at the birthdays for the following month and pull out birthday cards for all those people. (Yes – I always have that many birthday cards on hand. Yes – I recognize that I may have a crafting problem!) I fill them all out, stamp and address them if not delivering by hand, and then organize them by mail/delivery date.

The prepared cards then sit in this wee bin by my front door. I made tabs with my Large Numbers stamps so I can sort the cards and have them ready for their ‘go’ date. Every day when I leave the house, I see the next date on which I need to deliver or mail a card – when that day comes, I just have to pull the card(s) and go.

Sending birthday cards to friends, family, and customers has helped me stay in touch with them, and helped them feel appreciated and cared for. I’m really glad that I am able to share the joy of handmade with them all!

Watch for Part Two of Send More Cards coming soon!